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Health and Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals, Herbal, Homeopathic, Air and Water Filtration, Diet and Weight Management, Hair and Skin Care, Cleaning Concentrates and Disinfectants (environmentally friendly) and Services.

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What is Candida Albicans and Should I Worry About It? - 08/23/2012
Actually, Candida albicans is first of all a fungus which is a form of yeast which is normally found in our bodies. There are those who consider it to be a major factor of many opportunistic oral and genital infections in the human body. An opportunistic infection is generally defined as one which would have little or no effect on a healthy, properly functioning body but which can take advantage of weakness, particularly in the case of an immune system deficiency. Many people who wonder, "What is Candida albicans?" They are genuinely and understandably, concerned about the possible health inplications that having this fungus in their body may...

What is Candida Albicans and Should I Worry About It?

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