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The Thyroid, Thyroxin, and Hypothyroidism - 08/25/2012
By Donovan Baldwin The size and appearance of the thyroid gland belies its importance to health and fitness in humans. It is shaped roughly like a butterfly, an odd looking one to be sure, and is located on the front of the neck beneath the Adam's apple. It lies to the front of the windpipe. The two lobes, the wings of the butterfly, are connected by an isthmus or bridge. Despite its importance to the overall health of the body, when a body is healthy, the thyroid gland cannot even be felt. The thyroid is richly supplied with blood through a vast network of blood vessels. Several hormones are secreted by the thyroid, but the main hormone, in fact commonly referred to as "thyroid hormone" is thyroxin . Thyroxin, also referred to as T4, influences many activities and functions of the body, including growth, physical and mental development, body temperature, and metabolism. During childhood, thyroid hormone is critical for the development ...

The Thyroid, Thyroxin, and Hypothyroidism

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