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What's the Single Most Common Cause of Obesity? - 09/22/2012
Okay, I know this comes on the heels of New York City's ban on big soda, but that's just circumstance. However, to put in my two cents, I don't like the idea of anybody drinking big, sugar-filled sodas, but I don't believe the government should be telling people they cannot. I served 21 years in the military and one of the reasons I served was that I believed in personal liberties and freedom. Over the years I have watched government at all levels get bigger and bigger and become more involved in people's lives. I have also noticed that they finance all this by either finding more ways to tax us or by going deeper in debt. Can you say "big huge national debt"? I am not laying that blame on any president or any particular member of congress. After all, we stood there and let it happen. To the best of my knowledge, they are supposed to work for us and do our bidding. So, I have to assume that if they inserted themselves into our lives, to...

What's the Single Most Common Cause of Obesity?

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