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Health and Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals, Herbal, Homeopathic, Air and Water Filtration, Diet and Weight Management, Hair and Skin Care, Cleaning Concentrates and Disinfectants (environmentally friendly) and Services.

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Guest Article: Nutrition and Metabolism - 10/04/2012
An Indirect Connection - Today's article was submitted by Matt Stone of . Human thinking about certain things is usually very simplistic and linear. Nutrition, perhaps because it is so complex, perhaps because there are so many mentally ill people in the field , perhaps due to deeper seated reasons… seems particularly prone to simple-minded conclusions followed up with cultish crusadership. In this post, I just wanted to discuss a very simple idea floating around in my head. And the idea is common sense really. But this simple common sense is a quantum leap in perspective beyond what most other nutrition paradigms are mired in. I don’t know exactly how to summarize it, but you could say that what we eat, and our lifestyles and mindsets as well, really only have an indirect impact on our health. It’s not nearly as direct as people think it is. Here are some of the mistakes that have been made by looking at nutrition...

Guest Article: Nutrition and Metabolism

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