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Travel Photography - High quality family friendly travel photo sites from all over the world have united to form this webring. Amateur and pr

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Travel Photography

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High quality travel photo sites from all over the world have united to form this webring. Amateur and pro photographers share their impressions and give useful tips on travelling with a camera. The perfect place to start a virtual journey... Enjoy the "trip"!

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Photos or photos+stories - 01/16/2003
What do forum members think a travel photography web site should contain. Just photos with heaps of tech info about how the photo was taken etc or should it be a combination of photos and stories about travel experiences. I've been concentrating on the latter at and I get lots of good responses but it's hard work. What approach do you think will build traffic?


Richard @ travelsnapz

Replied - 01/17/2003

depends on your target group. I'm pretty sure that there are much more people looking for photographs of foreign places with some explanations and maybe some travel information than serious amateur or pro-photographers who can interpret the technical data.
having said that: if you have a site with technical information that makes it to the top of the search engines for the keyword "photo technique" or something of the sort, I would expect lots of visitors as well.
Of course, relevant photo rings can help a lot as well!
My own travel photo site has mostly images and very little text, but consistently about 40000 (or more) hits per week.


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