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Travel Photography - High quality family friendly travel photo sites from all over the world have united to form this webring. Amateur and pr

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Travel Photography

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High quality travel photo sites from all over the world have united to form this webring. Amateur and pro photographers share their impressions and give useful tips on travelling with a camera. The perfect place to start a virtual journey... Enjoy the "trip"!

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Travel Photography Ring Forum! - 01/09/2003
Dear members,

I think we might give the Webring Forums a try?!
Of course, there still is Yahoo Travel Photography Forum with more than 2000 members which actually was what led to this Webring being created. There are many photo albums, a chat room and a wealth of links to interesting resources.

So please consider posting everything related to Travel Photography in general at
Of course, if you do not want to sign up with Yahoo, then, here's the place for you!


Replied - 01/09/2003
Most importantly, this is the place to

- make and discuss suggestions for ring management
- inform the other members of the ring of updates to your site
- maybe even invite comments on your pictures or the layout of your homepage in general?


Replied - 01/10/2003
This Is an excellent Idea! I have no desire to get hooked up with yahoo as I have enough to work with now. I also like the idea of a Travel Only photo forum.
brbrbrbrbrI have revamped my website and am up loading it today. Please take a look and let me know what your thoughts, comments or suggestions.
brWeb site:
brbrbrbrHere is our press release on the new phot section of our web site
brbrbrbrbrWindshield on America
brbrbrbr Imagine a photo gallery which not only features photos taken from eleven feet up, but which changes its camera site on a daily basis. Thatís the premise of Write Up The Road Publishing Company, which has added Windshield on America Photo Gallery to its web site. All photos are taken by a digital camera, securely mounted inside the cab of the eighteen-wheeled publishing office, traveling the country coast to coast. The small business is also a home on wheels for Tim and Terri Brady - and their cat, Ptolemy.
brbrbrbr The couple produced two books last year, and have two more scheduled for 2003, along with their many web site projects and additional writing ventures.
brbrbrbr brbrbrbrBooks, stories and photos about the American road, and the lives along it.

Replied - 01/10/2003
Welcome to the forum! I also beliee that Travel Photography deserves an online discussion board of its own!
There are many aspects that are very particular to that topic.
Some examples:
- how to get the consent of people photographed
- what equipment to bring (zoom vs. fixed focus, tripod...)
- security (after all, we move in far off places, often dragging around a pricy photo equipment)
- digital: storage media.
- X-rays at airports

At the Yahoo forum, we already have more than 2000 members, but this means gettin acquainted with another platform.
Let's hope that this forum will also be a busy place!


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