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Travel Photography - High quality family friendly travel photo sites from all over the world have united to form this webring. Amateur and pr

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Travel Photography

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High quality travel photo sites from all over the world have united to form this webring. Amateur and pro photographers share their impressions and give useful tips on travelling with a camera. The perfect place to start a virtual journey... Enjoy the "trip"!

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Agrigento Sicily: be quick when you carry a tripod! lbobke 10/29/2003 (1 posts)
I visited Agrigento (Sicily, Italy) recently and, of course, the Valley of   more
Automated Slide Scanner - experiences? globalunderstanding 10/19/2003 (1 posts)
I've come across a scanner that actually very much resembles a slide pr   more
Re (29): New web site of British Panoramic images lbobke 10/17/2003 (2 posts)
You have some amazing shots on your site! Intrested in exchanging links wit   more
Photography Contests, No Entry Fee annalora 10/14/2003 (1 posts)
Kolo has just announced a photography contest for professionals and amateur   more
Re (27): Pictures of Indian Spirits taken in the woods. forumguest 03/27/2003 (2 posts)
Creativity and Travel forumguest 02/28/2003 (1 posts)
Hi everyone. My name is Chris, and I'm doing graduate work in New Jerse   more
Re (22): What filters lbobke 01/29/2003 (2 posts)
One filter I always have with me is a circular polarizer. It can give you m   more
Re (18): X-rays at airports (II) lbobke 01/24/2003 (4 posts)
There seems to be huge differences between differen countries, airports wit   more
PrintSix Photo Printing Software For Windows andrewrosz 01/24/2003 (1 posts)
Print SIX different digital pictures on a single page and create beautiful   more
Re (7): Pack a tripod? - II forumguest 01/23/2003 (4 posts)
I think it is definately worth taking a tripod (& a monopod if you have one   more
Re (16): Photo Restrictions - II lbobke 01/21/2003 (1 posts)
... In many museums you need a permit, which sometimes is cost-free, but   more
Photo Restrictions - I lbobke 01/21/2003 (1 posts)
A few days ago, I looked into ColorFoto, a German photo mag and there it wa   more
Black OR White: our ringcode. lbobke 01/19/2003 (1 posts)
I changed the ringcode and gave it a black background for the time being.   more
Re (10): Photos or photos+stories lbobke 01/17/2003 (2 posts)
Hmm, depends on your target group. I'm pretty sure that there are mu   more
X-rays at airports (I) lbobke 01/15/2003 (1 posts)
Advice from "Do X-Rays Harm My Film? Just a brief note to in   more
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