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WebRing WidgetsWebRing offers an ever-growing collection of widgets that you can add to your Webspace here on WebRing or on a site located elsewhere. Got a good widget to offer your fellow WebRing members? Tell us about in the forum. Better yet, click the Publisher globe up above to make a page for the widget and submit it to this ring. Coming soon...
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Jochen's High Voltage Page jokro 02/14/2000

home-brew high voltage sources up to and above 100kV, experiments including sparks, gas discharge and x-ray production.

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Build your own Van de Graaff static2man 04/07/2009

In addition to information on VDG's, you can find information on microscopy, and amateur telescope making on this web site

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Barlow Research Laboratory redbarlow43920 02/06/2002

Barlow Research Laboratory: dedication to Backyard Science

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